Saturday, September 22, 2012


We're Baaack....

Let me start with an humble apology...."I'M A FAILURE AS A BLOGGER, AND I'M SORRY!"  It's embarrassing to admit the last time I blogged on our site!  Here's a hint...My children are 2 years older, Edney is a 7th grader in Junior High School, one of our dogs (Pitch) died, Ava is a fashion model, my husband has had a kidney transplant, and I've noticed several gray hairs that I need to take care of!  Whew.... this internet diary seemed like a great idea, but it's hard work sharing the highlights of our busy household. 

Over the next few weeks (or maybe months), I plan to share some fun stuff that's happened over the past few years!  Until then, enjoy this picture diary...

2 years ago...
Ava's first day with glasses!  She saw birds flying for the very FIRST time. 

'66 Mustang going to the doctor.  She'll return better than new!
2010 NWRAA Football Season
Ava had to give her big brother good luck kisses!
Ava's 3rd birthday party at school.
10 Years of service at the "U"

Ava and Ethan friends!
New Hope Baptist Church - Mission Outreach Shoe Drive
(over 200 pair of shoes to Honduras)
My left handed archery sportsman!  Yes, the other guys are the same age as Edney (just bigger)!
....I began to wonder if he was REALLY interested in archery.
3rd Birthday Party at home with family and friends.
Easter Sunday 2011...Ava was born on Easter Sunday in 2008
My three babies!!
(Edney, Ava, Jaylon)
Proud of our Ole Miss Honor Graduate!
(nephew Norris Edney, III and Alvin Edney, II)
Edney Grandchildren
Norris III, Jaylon, Alvin II, Albert II
Charity, Ava, Grace
Power Couple
Adrienne and Norris
I can't tell if she's loving them or trying to poke their eyes out!
I'm sure it's all love...
The end of another era...5th Grade Graduation
Edney and John David "JD"