Saturday, September 22, 2012


We're Baaack....

Let me start with an humble apology...."I'M A FAILURE AS A BLOGGER, AND I'M SORRY!"  It's embarrassing to admit the last time I blogged on our site!  Here's a hint...My children are 2 years older, Edney is a 7th grader in Junior High School, one of our dogs (Pitch) died, Ava is a fashion model, my husband has had a kidney transplant, and I've noticed several gray hairs that I need to take care of!  Whew.... this internet diary seemed like a great idea, but it's hard work sharing the highlights of our busy household. 

Over the next few weeks (or maybe months), I plan to share some fun stuff that's happened over the past few years!  Until then, enjoy this picture diary...

2 years ago...
Ava's first day with glasses!  She saw birds flying for the very FIRST time. 

'66 Mustang going to the doctor.  She'll return better than new!
2010 NWRAA Football Season
Ava had to give her big brother good luck kisses!
Ava's 3rd birthday party at school.
10 Years of service at the "U"

Ava and Ethan friends!
New Hope Baptist Church - Mission Outreach Shoe Drive
(over 200 pair of shoes to Honduras)
My left handed archery sportsman!  Yes, the other guys are the same age as Edney (just bigger)!
....I began to wonder if he was REALLY interested in archery.
3rd Birthday Party at home with family and friends.
Easter Sunday 2011...Ava was born on Easter Sunday in 2008
My three babies!!
(Edney, Ava, Jaylon)
Proud of our Ole Miss Honor Graduate!
(nephew Norris Edney, III and Alvin Edney, II)
Edney Grandchildren
Norris III, Jaylon, Alvin II, Albert II
Charity, Ava, Grace
Power Couple
Adrienne and Norris
I can't tell if she's loving them or trying to poke their eyes out!
I'm sure it's all love...
The end of another era...5th Grade Graduation
Edney and John David "JD"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Before anyone gives me accolades for allowing my children to play carefree in the rain....let me confess. After a long day of work, Alvin and I planned a family trip to the store. There were sunny skies during the commute home. We asked the kids to buckle up in the car. When Alvin walked outside, he found them dancing in the rain! He asked me to grab my camera, because he knows I looove to capture moments like this. After the Kodak moment we loaded the car and took our wet, smelly kids to Kroger!

Do you see the excitement on their faces?! I wish I could bottle it up and save it for the "rainy days" of adulthood. I would open my bottle when there are too many bills in the mailbox, traffic delays during the morning commute, or use it when a two year old girl is having a temper tantrum on aisle 4 in Kroger.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Disappointments Come

Last week was difficult for me. I experienced disappointment. Disappointment that stopped me in my tracks, made me shed tears, and planted itself in my thoughts for DAYS! Disappointment that I could not share until now...

I cried uncontrollable at work for an hour (I was alone). Yep... the kinda crying that takes my breath away, turns my nose cranberry red and swells my eyes shut! Just UGLY crying! Y'all know how I cry. It took me 45 minutes before I could leave work and walk out to my car. I cried again when I closed the car door. I drove and sobbed down Lakeland Drive, unaware of anyone else in commuter traffic. I hope no one saw me.

Don't worry, Alvin is still in my good graces :-) He didn't cause my grief. I was upset about an incident that occurred at work. Just as I was about to end the work day, I received news that I didn't get a career opportunity that I really wanted. Seems kinda silly now, but I was devastated last week.

Then something happened!! You see, I have TWO full-time jobs. Most days I arrive at my second job at 6pm, but last week I was 10 minutes early. I sat in my car and stared at the building. I knew I had to straighten up before my "boss" saw my face. As I walked inside, another coworker gave me the biggest heartfelt hug. She didn't ask if anyone died, she just knew I needed some encouragement before my shift began (thanks Lori).

I walked through the door and Ava (my little boss lady) ran and jumped into my arms. I was at her school. Six o'clock is the best time of the day! I arrive at my other full-time job as an active mommy and wife. No matter what else I have tackled throughout the day, it all fades when I arrive and see my family! My credentials and experiences are always adequate. My bosses promote me everyday, I have job security and my payments are priceless hugs and kisses!!

Ava saw the tears fall. She rubbed my face and asked "What's wrong mommy?". I explained it all in full detail during our drive home. Haha, I really think she understood what happened. Edney met us in the driveway like he does everyday, his eyes widened when he saw my face. I told him I was fine, but he wanted answers. It took my husband about 20 minutes to realize I was curled in our bed. Haahaa, bless him. Through broken sentences, nose blowing and difficult breathing I explain to them both that I didn't get the job and my best friend had accepted another position. Not working with the friend was the most hurtful part. I will have to tell you about her later.

My family hates to see me upset. They showed me their concern and tried to lift my spirits. Ava laid by my side. Edney recited a speech that I've given him when he's had a bad day..."Tomorrow is a new day. Jesus gives us new mornings, so we can do things different and better than the day before." He DOES listen :-) And my sweet husband let me cry...and cry... and cry. He told me he would do anything to make me feel better, so I made him a list of things that would make me happy. Heeheehe. Then he burst into our bedroom with this.....

Hahaaaaha! Alvin will do almost anything to make me laugh. I just love it!

He stared at me in this position until I gave him a smile :-))

Ava and Elmo are laughing at Daddy too! He makes us laugh.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Let me start by saying, I have the most wonderful neighbors in Mississippi! We have adopted each other as family. We share 5 children and 4 dogs. We share trials and offer support. We compare who has the messiest house and still welcome the other inside (that's love).

Our sweet Ava L-O-V-E-S the Martins! She cries to visit them every evening when she gets home from school. She calls them by name..."Mommieeee, Ava wanna sees Mawee Wiley (Mary-Riley), Miss Angela, Misser Dewayne, Eli, and Sam-u-el". Our son, Edney, runs over as soon as he's done with homework. He's usually across the street before I make it home from work.

Today was such a beautiful day. We decided to enjoy the sunshine when we got home from church. Ava looked across the street and begged to visit Miss Angela. I tried to explain they were not home, but she didn’t believe me. So my 2 year old daughter decided to run away as FAST as she could to her other family!


Ava making a dash for it….but she’s going the wrong way!


Running back once she realized her mistake!


The Meltdown when no one answered the door! She would’ve sat there all evening…..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Welcome to our family blog! We decided there is so much that we like to share with friends and family that we would create an internet diary. I'm far from a novelist, so excuse the errors and grammar.

I'm an amazing wife to Alvin Edney (his words, not mine). But he's never had another wife to compare me to :-). We were married in 1998 after dating for 4 years. Alvin and I are proud of our 2 children. Our 10 year old son is named after his daddy. We call him Edney. I started calling him Edney a few years ago because when I called "Alvin!", they would say, "I thought you were talking to him". Both pointing <- -> at the other! So I solved that problem quickly.

Ava is our 2 year old daughter and she is OUTTA CONTROL!!! She has been talking since she was 11 months. She's been trying to establish dominance since birth. And she is sassy and hilarious (her two favorite words)!

They both demand our constant attention (drama prince and princess).
We enjoy every minute of our crazy household, but I'll warn ya... YOU might wanna call before you stop by.

Edney and Ava have 2 brothers, Pitch and Apollo, who live outside. We hope you all enjoy our family journey!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HOW THIS ALL STARTED is how this all started. I've got this awesome friend and her blog has inspired me to share some of the daily activities around the Edney household. I was reluctant to let everybody know how sassy Ava is and the dilemmas Edney gets himself into, but I'm putting it all out there. It brightens my day when I read about my friend's daughter, Louisa. She is as prissy and sassy as my Ava! I laugh as she recounts Louisa's conversations or when she describes the do-it-yourself projects that she has started around her home.

Several weeks ago I started this post. I can't believe I'm really doing this. I'm a typical blog stalker...I enjoy reading (and laughing) about other families, but I never considered starting my own. But...there is always soo much going on in our home that we want to share. It's difficult to contact everyone, so we are using modern day "mass communication" to share our laughter and adventures. I'm sure my mother is shaking her head, fearful about her babies being posted on the internet. It won't be long before she accepts modern day technology, and looks forward to frequent updates about Ava's tantrums or Edney's record breaking football game.

I hope this blog will give you a peephole view of the miracles, blessings and milestones that we experience as a family. I hope this is fun for all of us....