Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Welcome to our family blog! We decided there is so much that we like to share with friends and family that we would create an internet diary. I'm far from a novelist, so excuse the errors and grammar.

I'm an amazing wife to Alvin Edney (his words, not mine). But he's never had another wife to compare me to :-). We were married in 1998 after dating for 4 years. Alvin and I are proud of our 2 children. Our 10 year old son is named after his daddy. We call him Edney. I started calling him Edney a few years ago because when I called "Alvin!", they would say, "I thought you were talking to him". Both pointing <- -> at the other! So I solved that problem quickly.

Ava is our 2 year old daughter and she is OUTTA CONTROL!!! She has been talking since she was 11 months. She's been trying to establish dominance since birth. And she is sassy and hilarious (her two favorite words)!

They both demand our constant attention (drama prince and princess).
We enjoy every minute of our crazy household, but I'll warn ya... YOU might wanna call before you stop by.

Edney and Ava have 2 brothers, Pitch and Apollo, who live outside. We hope you all enjoy our family journey!

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