Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So....here is how this all started. I've got this awesome friend and her blog has inspired me to share some of the daily activities around the Edney household. I was reluctant to let everybody know how sassy Ava is and the dilemmas Edney gets himself into, but I'm putting it all out there. It brightens my day when I read about my friend's daughter, Louisa. She is as prissy and sassy as my Ava! I laugh as she recounts Louisa's conversations or when she describes the do-it-yourself projects that she has started around her home.

Several weeks ago I started this post. I can't believe I'm really doing this. I'm a typical blog stalker...I enjoy reading (and laughing) about other families, but I never considered starting my own. But...there is always soo much going on in our home that we want to share. It's difficult to contact everyone, so we are using modern day "mass communication" to share our laughter and adventures. I'm sure my mother is shaking her head, fearful about her babies being posted on the internet. It won't be long before she accepts modern day technology, and looks forward to frequent updates about Ava's tantrums or Edney's record breaking football game.

I hope this blog will give you a peephole view of the miracles, blessings and milestones that we experience as a family. I hope this is fun for all of us....


  1. First and for most I wanna say your blog filled my empty space with knowledge and inspiration. My name is Melvin Watson and what brought me to you is, a story you might not had thought could exist through the face of time. I would like to say the two of you couldn't be better parents to an amazing son and beautiful girl. You have no idea what your story means to me... Thank you.. And god bless

  2. Your stories are amazing! What a joy to read something so magical and funny in the wake of things I'm going through in my personal life. I'm already in love with your family just by reading your blogs! Your daughter is precious and your son is handsome and appear to love his sister very much, similar the relationship I had with mine. You are a terrific mother, you seem to be and sound happy to be a mother and wife, I can tell you are strong and you take life by the horns and say, " I will not be defeated!" I love the comradeship you and your husband have! LOL! I know y'all have loads of fun! Your daughter, I would give anything to be around her, and your son! I would laugh all day! Thanks for sharing your life and experiences, don't stop! Your are very blessed and may God continue blessing you!